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The place your small group plays and grows together

We're building the best small group app ever.

Leading a small group is hard! We expect them to be welcoming, intentional, and well-managed.

The tools we use aren't designed to facilitate depth and authenticity. So we want to go... 

Here's a peek

What our customers are saying

"...One mom [...] has shared that this app has not only helped her feel more connected but it has really helped her to grow in her faith and her relationships."


"I'm enjoying Salt + Light. I feel like I'm just getting started. [...] I just see such a huge potential with how I want to connect with some of my friends that I've kinda lost touch with since college." 


As Seen In

Manage and stay up-to-date with multiple groups. Create events in-app so everyone knows where to be and when. 

Life gets hard for everyone sometimes and we have to carry one another through it. Have an immersive prayer experience, listening to prayer requests and knowing you are also being prayed for.

Have Fun Together

Play intentional games with your small group to break the ice and laugh together.

Want to continue a conversation after small group is over? Have a question midweek? Use Open Riffs to ask and hear your members respond!

What our customers are saying





Easily onboard new group members

Help the group get to know one another

Play games that are unique to the content you're going through

Ask questions based off interests, content, or curriculum

How Salt + Light can help you

Our Why

The world's lonelier than it's ever been.

We believe small groups at the local church embody life-giving community.


Leading a small group has its challenges and they're often only found within the walls of a local church.

If we can make it easier for people to step-up to become small group leaders we think we can help turn the tide on loneliness.

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