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Key Features of S+L 

Welcome! 🎉  

Imagine your current small group. 
How do you stay connected when you aren't together? Here’s what happens: You end up getting tossed into a group text or a WhatsApp group. It’s crickets. There is minimal engagement. The only thing it does well is communicate your next event.

We’re crafting an all-in-one app focused on voice for a more intentional group experience.

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Ask intentional questions to your group and hear their thoughts. You’ll also find reactions on the different recordings.

We've seen people use this for prayer, sharing encouragement, or giving advice to one another.


Story Chain 

The game has three levels of vulnerability questions. Where your group can vote on the best answers. Laugh and learn new things about your friends.

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You can create both in-person and virtual events in the app for your group to see.



Connect with all your group members, create 1:1 DMs, group DMs, and more.

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